Be Back Soon Babes!
Hey Mayhem Babes! I'm having a hard time writing this, but I've made the decision to shut down MAYHEM for a few months. This is not what I imagined or last quarter of 2020 to be like, but Its been an amazing year for us. I've operated my business alone for over 2 years now (design, cut,sew, packaging, Marketing & shipping) and right now is impossible for me to be two places at once, so this is the best decision for the brand. I'm very happy knowing this is temporary and I hope you are all here when we return. Thank you for love & support XO, Morgan x MAYHEM SWIM 🌊

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Hey, it's Mayhem Morgan and while we are all dealing with social distancing I will be sharing some kind words, affirmations, and of course Mayhem Swim Inspo and news though our Mailing list. No spam! Just a little love every now and then to keep us on our toes while in isolation! ❤️ will be temporarily shutting down until April. Possibly May 2020. ☹️ Thank you for all the continued love and support!